All the Ideal Leisure businesses can offer you the service you need to access this fountain of whisky – a gateway to the water of life.

You may be interested to know also, as reported by the BBC website, that the World’s most expensive whisky is up for sale in Edinburgh

This article will cover :-
* Types of whisky
Blended or single malts
Regional variations

* Where is whisky produced
Speyside, Islay, Lowland, Highland, Island

* Brief History of whisky
Well, what can we say….. I will look further into this and let you know. However, the history of whisky, amongst many anecdotes, can be discovered when you take a private tasting as part of your visit to Scotland with Ideal Leisure

* How is whisky made
Simple ingredients, worked in a very particular way to create beauty

* Buying whisky in Edinburgh – somewhere I can sample some first
List of outlets we recommend

* Private whisky tastings with Ideal Leisure
There are private whisky tastings available at many small outlets, such as those above. However we can sometimes arrange a private tasting with a world leading expert, who has been featured in the movie “Angels Share” in his Edinburgh apartment (or flat as we call it) in the city centre area. It is am experience not to be missed for the true whisky adventurer

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